Meet the Team

Your dining team is made up of people who are proud to serve you every day and want to ensure you have an exceptional experience whenever you dine with us.

  • William Hudlow


    William Hudlow

    General Manager

  • Ed Daugherty


    Ed Daugherty

    General Manager, Residential Dining

  • Heather Bacque, RDN, LDN


    Heather Bacque, RDN, LDN

    Resident District Manager

  • Wesley Turnage, CEC, CCA, CCE, FMP

    Wesley Turnage, CEC, CCA, CCE, FMP

    District Chef

  • Kelsey Rosenbaum, MS, RD, LDN

    Kelsey Rosenbaum, MS, RD, LDN

    District Dietitian

  • Scott Goodstal

    Scott Goodstal

    Campus Chef

  • John Lange

    John Lange

    Assistant Vice President, Dining Services, Event Services, Gameday Management

  • Lisa Norris


    Lisa Norris

    Director, Dining & Auxiliary Services

  • Jackie Rouege


    Jackie Rouege

    Assistant Director, Dining & Auxiliary Services

  • Jeff Burnham

    Jeff Burnham

    Director, Retail Dining

  • Linda King

    Linda King

    Director, Health and Science Center Dining

  • Shirley Kakouszy

    Shirley Kakouszy

    Director, Resident Dining

  • Lauren Granier

    Lauren Granier

    Director, Concessions