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Advisory Board

We want to hear from you! The Campus Services Advisory Board is a diverse group of students interested in improving the services provided to the Tulane University community, including Dining Services. To apply to serve on the Campus Services Advisory Board, click here to  complete the application form.
Participants are compensated $10 in Wavebuck$ each time that they attend a meeting or complete a homework assignment. Students have the opportunity to earn a total of $120 Wavebuck$ during a single semester. Meetings are held bi-monthly during the academic year a cover a wide range of topics, from Dining Services to transportation to Service Wave and much more.

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding this application or the Advisory Board, please contact Kate Simon at
Tulane University
Dining Services
107 Lavin-Bernick Center for Student Life
New Orleans, LA 70118
tel. (504) 865-5629
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