RHL Cooking Face-Off

The Residence Hall Chef Competition took place on October 4 in the Greenbaum Kitchen, a demonstration kitchen located in Barbara Greenbaum House at Tulane University. Students were invited to apply with a recipe of their choice and an explanation of why they chose it. Students also had to post a video of them cooking their dish on social media and tag @tulanedining and use the #tureshallchef2018. There were 27 responses, and five students were chosen to compete. Before the cook-off, each student was interviewed and met with Sodexo District Dietitian Kelsey Rosenbaum and Executive Chef Scott Goodstal.  During these meetings, the students discussed them recipes and ingredients, and Kelsey did a nutritional analysis to make sure that each recipe adhered to the Healthy TU requirements as closely as possible (Healthy TU guideline attached separately). During the cook-off, each student chef was paired with a Tulane Dining Services Chef to cook and plate their meal – below are the pairing names. Each contestant was given a Tulane Dining chef coat to compete in and was provided with all the ingredients needed. The students were rated on the originality, presentation, taste, complexity and how healthy their recipe was. The judging panel consisted of William Hudlow (General Manager of Tulane Dining), Danielle Klein (Associate Director for Residence Life), and Kila Moore (Editor of the Tulane Hullabaloo Newspaper). Harmonii Odinga won the competition and won two tickets to Voodoo Fest. The other contestants won $50 Wavebuck$, Tulane’s on-campus retail dollars, for participating. The audience was able to sample all the dishes and enjoy a special Residence Hall Chef Cake during the event.

The next Residence Hall Chef Competition will take place in the spring semester and students will compete for two Jazz Fest tickets!