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Viet-Nomie’s is your one stop for authentic Vietnamese dishes. Made with love by Nomie and Paul Truong, Viet-Nomie's has received numerous awards and acknowledgements, including being recognized in Zagat as one of the “Top 10 Must Try Food Trucks in the U.S.”, in 2013 and being named "Must Try Food Truck in Atlanta" in 2014.  

Viet-Nomie’s will serve some of their most popular dishes. These include fried tofu with fresh tomatoes and scallions served over fragrant jasmine rice or Bun Cha Gio, also known as Jazzi Noodle Boats. Jazzi Rolls are served with rice noodles, lettuce, fresh herbs, pickled daikon and their nouc mam. Meat-lovers must try their tender cubes of beef marinated and “wok shakened” with garlic and onions served over jasmine rice and a vinaigrette salad. Viet-Nomie's will also serve boba tea or boba drinks made fresh everyday.  

Wavebuck$, Splash Cash, Meal Swipes, credit and debit are accepted.